Triple Threat Agenecy

A Talent and Special Skills Agency

What We Do

Triple Threat Agency

Threat Agency, specializes in representing actors with special skill assets such as; singing, dancing, playing an instrument, songwriting or any athletic sports at a high level. Triple Threat Agency, continues to uphold its strong reputation by relentlessly promoting clients and ensuring the success of artists of all ages including diversity and multiple ethnic backgrounds.

In addition, it’ll also act as the key component and liaison to all agents of artists that train at Triple Threat Academy in the performance industry, and will be extremely dedicated to collaborating with the agents for our clients success stories when asked for special skills in a contract or in an audition.

The Agency "Triple Threat" will serve in the incoming requests and demands of a vibrant milieu, and help to manage them in offering high caliber performances in the workplace and the audition room.

A Division of Artists with Special Skills